Carl Samans

Quote Request Sent

Name: Carl Samans
Company: Plants Be Us
Phone: 4109283111
Season/Requested Delivery: Any Season, Dry Season, Rainy Season
Comments: Sometimes when it rains, things get wet. But if they are covered, they stay dry. Really, I just wanted to see how long thee comments are I can type. If you have to type this much in the comments, you probably should just make a phone call, am I right? What about paragraphs…

Oh, my. They work, too.

Have a nice day.


Qty Variety Size
4109283111 VARIETY SIZE
5 Abies balsamea ‘Phanerolepis’ 8′
25 Abies balsamea ‘Phanerolepis’ 10′
3 Abies balsamea ‘Phanerolepis’ 12′
10 Abies nordmanniana 10′
20 Abies nordmanniana 3′
25 Abies nordmanniana 5′
25 Buxus sempervirens ‘Highlander’ 24″
1 Picea abies ‘Inversa’ 5′
2 Picea abies ‘Inversa’ 54″
5 Pinus cembra ‘Cody’ 7′
5 Pinus cembra ‘Cody’ 6′
5 Pinus cembra ‘Cody’ 5′