Summer Digging? Why, yes we are!

Sure it’s hot outside, but you can still plant during summer. So
long as key plant needs are met, adequate water, proper sun exposure
and well-drained soil, it can be done.

Angelica Nurseries digs plant material throughout the summer
successfully. Summer digging is a complex process that requires extra
time and labor to ensure viability.

  • Plant material is watered a full day prior to harvesting
  • Ball sizes are increased to further maximize water retention
  • After removal from the field, plants are transported through an
    overhead watering boom and placed in a ‘hardening off’ area to
    acclimate prior to shipping.

Usually, plant failure is not because it was planted during the
summer, but because it’s basic needs were not met.  Give Angelica a
call for premium plant material, hardened off for peak performance on
your Jobsite.