Pandemonium reigns in the greenhouse!

The Final Two dream of Blue Maid® has been ruthlessly extinguished by the relentless Crippsii. Their digestive enzymes continue to dominate, leaving a path of fallen contenders in their wake.

Across the arena, the echoes of a buzzer-beater victory still hang in the air. The Cinderella Nigra, defying all odds, has pulled off another improbable upset, leaving the valiant Tauntonii to wilt in defeat.

Only two remain! Thuja Nigra, the unassuming dark horse, and Chamaecyparis Crippsii, the undisputed terror of the bracket. Will the underdog story continue, or will the carnivorous reign of Crippsii prevail? The stage is set for a clash of titans, a botanical battle for the ages!