Introducing Our New and Improved Grading Methods

You will notice a change to our grading method with our latest Availability List. Our product will be graded and priced according to the industry standards as established by the American Nursery & Landscape Association (ANLA). ANLA standards dictate that a plant size designation will be the minimum size allowable for that size interval and shall include plants from that size up to but not including the next larger size interval.

We have always strived to grade our material at the high end of previous size spread. Present market conditions and repeated requests from our customers indicate the need for a better price and a plant that just meets the ANLA standards. This method of grading allows Angelica to be more competitive while, at the same time, meeting the requests from our customers. Be assured you can continue to expect the same quality which Angelica has always provided. We feel this is a change that needs to take place and one that is mutually beneficial for both our valued and potential customers.

You can read the full letter on our downloads page, or by clicking here.