Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!

Today is a day to celebrate all things Irish like corned beef and cabbage, leprechauns, green beer, and shamrocks.

The term shamrock translates as “little clover”. A four-leafed clover, considered a symbol of good luck is an uncommon variation of the three-leafed clover, a type of trefoil plant. The gene responsible for four-leafed clovers is recessive and a rare occurrence.

Clover is primarily insect-pollinated and attractive to beneficial insects and pollinators, you know the bees and butterflies the human race and earth need to survive. Clover is a host plant to various species of butterflies and a good source of nectar for bees.

It is said that whoever stumbles across a four-leafed clover is granted good luck and protected from any bad luck. If you are the 1 in 10,000 to find a “lucky four-leaf clover”, may your pockets be heavy and your hearts be light! Wishing you a lot of luck on St Paddy’s Day.