Final Four Showdown!

The greenhouse gasps! The unthinkable has happened! The #1 seed, the regal Elegantissima, has been dethroned by the Cinderella story of the season – the unassuming Nigra! Its dark horse reputation has been shed, replaced with the glittering crown of victory.

Meanwhile, Crippsii, the cunning Chamaecyparis, maintains its ruthless reign, its digestive enzymes dissolving any challenger who dare enter their territory. This time, the victim was the surprising Dragon Lady®, who was finally sent to the burn pile.

The remaining contenders are a mixed bag: the stoic Blue Maid® and the ever-silent Tauntonii. Who will rise and claim a spot in the Final Two? The air crackles with anticipation, the outcome as unpredictable as the Maryland spring weather itself!