Down to the Elite 8!!

The greenhouse buzzes with a frenetic energy! Rooting sections, comprised of meticulously pruned hedges and lively yellow Forsythia, erupt in cheers as the final eight contenders take their positions.

In a stunning display of spectacular play, it looks like ALL of the deciduous teams have been eliminated! It’s an all-evergreen show for the remainder of the Showdown!

The tension is palpable, thicker than the morning dew clinging to spiderwebs. On one side of the bracket, stoic Crippsii, undefeated in its dominance, face a surprising challenge from Dragon Lady®, who’ve used its acrobatic skills to great effect.

Meanwhile, Nigra, intoxicated by its own intoxicating play, prepares to face Elegantissima, whose coarse dark-green foliage seems to whisper strategies in the breeze.

Upsets loom large, whispers of victory dance on the air, and every root, stem, and leaf vibrate with the silent question: who will claim glory, and who will wilt under the pressure?